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About Breckenridge Insurance

We are proud to be able to offer our customers a choice. Not many insurance agencies can do that. What this means to you, is a policy that is conformed to your particular needs. That’s why we’re known as “The more than one company agency”.

Our Mission

We at Breckenridge Insurance Agency have a very strong commitment to provide specialized, high quality personalized insurance coverage to our customers at reasonable prices and in an efficient and accurate manner. We have been providing quality service to our customers since 1902. We are committed to helping you manage the risks that arise in everyday life. If the unexpected strikes, we will do everything we can to help you recover your quality of life as soon as possible. We are guided by highest standards of integrity and professionalism so you can be sure that our recommendations will help you obtain the best insurance coverage for your unique circumstances, in the right amount and at a price that fits your budget.


The Breckenridge Insurance Agency of Michigan was established in 1902 and was first known as the J.P. Wierman Agency. Mr. Carlton Crockett married Mr. Wierman’s daughter Elsie and joined the agency. In 1934 the name was changed to the Wierman-Crockett General Agency and was located on Third Street in Breckenridge. In 1965 Lyle Carter purchased the agency from Mr. Crockett and renamed it to Breckenridge Insurance Agency. The Hodge Agency Breckenridge was purchased in 1966.

In 1968 the agency moved to 223 East Saginaw Street. Mr. Carter sold the agency to Paul Doehring of Merrill in 1976. In 1982, Mr. Doehring merged with Jack Briggs and the business remained the Breckenridge Insurance Agency. In 1987 Mr. Doehring retired and Jack Briggs moved to Grand Rapids after selling the agency back to Lyle Carter. In 1987 Roy Shankel joined as an associate. In 1993, when Lyle Carter retired, Mr. Shankel purchased the agency. Mr. Shankel incorporated in 1995 and the agency became the Breckenridge Insurance Agency of Michigan.

In November of 1997, after 44 years of employment, Shirley Donley retired. May 14, 1999, ground was broke at the 126 Eaton Street Breckenridge, and the agency moved September 17,1999. In the early years, the agency not only sold insurance, but also prepared taxes and sold real estate. Insurance policies were hand written and hand delivered.

After working for the agency since 1989, Agent Robert Fleming purchased Breckenridge Insurance Agency of Michigan from Roy Shankel in 2015.

Today the agency is a full service insurance agency offering insurance for personal lines, commercial, crop, long term care, disability, life and annuities. The agency is an independent agency dealing with more than 20 companies. On May 17, 2002, an open house was held to celebrate the agency’s 100th year of business. It’s been our pleasure to participate in a portion of those 100 years. We look forward to servicing our clients insurance needs for many years to come.

Meet the Team

Robert Fleming Jr,


Rob has been involved in the insurance industry for over 25 years, and is licensed in personal and commercial lines, annuities, crop and life insurance.

Roy Shankel

Vice President

Property, Casualty, Annuity and Crop Agent. Roy joined as an associate in 1987, appointed manager in 1991 and later purchased the agency in 1993.

Jed Eisenberger

Vice President of Insurance Services

Jed is a licensed property and casualty and crop insurance agent, specializing in Farm and Commercial lines of business. Jed has been with our agency since 2013.

Jessica Godley

Vice President of Agricultural Services

Jessica joined Breckenridge Insurance in 2011. She primarily works as a crop insurance agent with the federal crop insurance program. She has 8 years experience as an agent with the program.

Jayne Droste


Personal Lines Agent, P&C Operations. Jayne has worked in the insurance industry since 1989

Kelly Packard


Kelly has been with the Breckenridge Insurance Agency since 2006. She earned her Property and Casualty license in 2011 and her Life License in 2012.

Katie Squanda


Katie is serving as our Comptroller. Katie joined our agency in 2015

Mike Loomis


Personal & Commercial Lines Agent. Mike started with our agency in 2017.

Raychelle Story

Customer Service Rep

Crop Insurance Processor. Raychelle came to the office in 2006 working as File Clerk and Customer Service Representative.

Jason Whiting


Personal & Commercial Lines Agent. Jason started with the agency in 2016.

Samantha Packard

Customer Service Rep

Licensed in P&C. Business and Personal Lines processor & billing. Samantha started with the agency in 2016.

Betty Hyde

Crop Agent

Betty joined Breckenridge Insurance in 2012 as a crop insurance agent and processor. She came with five years experience as a crop insurance agent.

Brett Anderson

Crop Agent

Brett joined Breckenridge Insurance Agency in 2007 and is licensed under the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

Melissa Johnson

Crop Agent

Melissa has been working in the crop insurance industry specializing in fruit for over 8 years.

Matt Evers

Crop Agent

Matt worked for Greenstone FCS in 2006 as a crop insurance specialist and joined the Breckenridge Insurance Agency in 2011.

Kirstin Muscott

Customer Service Rep / Agent

Licensed in P&C, she can handle policy changes, answer customer's questions, claims, proposals, and billing.

Alexa Aldrich

Customer Service Rep

She handles policy changes, answers customer's questions, claims, and billing.

Kaitlyn Meyer

Kaitlyn Meyer

Receptionist and Customer Service Rep

Info Coming Soon!

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